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the radio played good songs this morning

2001-07-16<>10:07 a.m.

i was having a rather strange dream last night including someone whom i have not talked to in quite a while. then my dad came in and woke me up. "you have a dentist appointment this morning, remember" so i said "okay" and went back to sleep. eventually, i got up, ate breakfast, brushed and flossed my teeth and went into town.

insert normal dentist visit here.

so yeah. apparently, last time i filled my car up with gas, i forgot to replace the gas cap. so i went to kregans to get a new one. the people working there were being assholes, and i wanted to tell them that. but i didnt. so after that, i went to my highschool to see if it wasnt too late to have them send my transcript to florida state. hurray! they would do it for me!

i am in a very errand running mood. i am going to go up to redding today and drag garrett on errands with me. it shall be fun!

i am feeling actually really wierd, right now. i dont know why. perhaps its due to lack of sleep? even though i got like 7 hours of it. my typing skills have gone straight to hell as i try to type out this entry, and other things. my fingers dont move as fast as i would like them to, so i am making a shitload of typos. i put spaces in the wrong place and its all just wierd. i am feeling odd, in a kind of "i might as well be on drugs" kind of way. i should get over it, though, in like a half hour.

i think this is enough non-sensical shitwriting for one day. i will be back later, though!

oh, you can bet i will be back!