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2001-07-14<>11:56 a.m.

i realized that when i feel gross, i feel much better when i take a shower.

last night, i stayed at ryan knights house because alaina is housesitting and she wanted us to stay there with her. so we did. (we being simon, garrett and me). anyway, i woke up this morning and i felt gross because i wanted to shower, i had no toothbrush, and i just plain felt icky.

so i came over to garretts (where i am now) and showered. and boy! i feel better!

i got chunky monkey ice cream. i am soooo not an ice cream person. i have no clue why i bought it. nevertheless, it tastes good.

also, i feel bad because i am generally a moody person (its not PMS) and i am pretty sure that garrett probably gets pretty sick of me being happy one moment, and then super bitch the next. well, not just garrett, but everyone else. i am pretty damn sure my family gets super sick of me because i am always in a pissy mood while at home.

oh yeah, i was supposed to call my mom when i woke up this morning. oh well.