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2001-07-11<>10:22 p.m.

i went to megyns this morning because we were going to go see jennie off at the airport.

jennie is leaving for italy for 3 weeks.

so, to pass the time, megyn and i went to amoeba. i thought long and hard about whether or not i wanted to actually walk up and down haight, because

1)i havent done that in a while
2)i might find something i wanted to buy.

but then i decided against it because

1)it sounded more and more boring the more i thought about it
2)buying something means needing money.

so megyn and i just went to amoeba. i was pissed because they didnt have phantom planet. the only pavement CD they had was $11.95, and i already had the pixies CD they had. same with belle and sebastian.

i did, however, end up finding the best of blur double CD for $11.95 (pretty damn good for 28 songs) and the other ben folds five album for $7.95 or something. i am too lazy to remember the title.

anyway, then megyn and i started talking. it was nice being able to actually sit and talk to her. i havent seen her since the weezer show at the bill graham civic auditorium. that was in march, i believe. anyway, we sat down on the floor near all the boxes of 7"s and started talking. mostly about how stupid ryan harris is. its funny. that skinny, fragile boy has sex with a girl that is... not skinny and fragile. boy, oh boy, that ryan harris. what a character! to bad i havent talked to him in over a year.

so yeah, megyn and i talked about various things. mostly about how much of a punk ass ryan is. then we got bored and started going through a couple of the boxes of 7"s. i picked out a couple of them that looked cool. the box was marked "indie" so i thought that i couldnt really go wrong. not to mention they wer eonly a buch each. i ended up getting

the multiple cat - "the new marcus aurelius"
the multiple cat - a test
the low numbers - s/t (it has a picture of a cute boy on the phone.)
june - s/t

when we got back to megyns (after seeing jennie off at the airport) we sampled each of the records. i must say, i didnt do too bad! i mean, garrett wasted over 2 bucks on an "action figures" CD, while i wisely took a gamble on 3 different bands, and i feel taht i did not waste my money, but in fact made a cute investment.

the end.

oh yeah, we saw jennie off at the airport. her friends are stupid. they all (including jennie) ditched megyn and me. so megyn and i pretended to be jameroquai (sp?) and walked all hip-like on the moving walkways. yes, thats how young, teeny-bopperish, annoying, silly, and stupid we are. its fun!

we eventually found jennie and her crew again. i told them all to fuck off and i kicked joanna because i hate listening to her sing.

wait, i didnt do that. but we did find them, i gave jennie a hug, they left, we left.

the end.