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2001-07-09<>1:12 p.m.

my sincerest apologies for not updating much, or for writing boring updates. (why the hell am i apologizing? its my diary! gaaahh... i am lame.)

but i am about to leave for san francisco in a couple hours. im going to visit kristyn and reina, and then hopefully see megyn and then say goodbye to jennie at the airport because she is leaving for italy for a couple weeks.

not really much has been happening in my life. well, actually, a lot has been happening. but its been happening so often, that its become old news. like... "i went to simon and alainas" or "i hung out with garrett today" or "simon had sex with sam. that whore!" you know, its all the same. dont get me wrong, though, im having a shitload of fun and its exciting because i have friends... but i just feel that the more i write about it, the more the reader will become bored. but then again, its not like that should matter, because as ive said before, this is my diary.

anyway, i should be back wednesday sometime. have fun without me for the next couple of days, as i shall miss you!