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2001-07-07<>10:21 a.m.

i went up to garretts house yesteday. we did basically nothing except for to watch full house. then we went to dennys with simon and alaina. there was a lot of butt grabbing going on.

alaina has a very firm rear. i am jealous.

we were going to watch a movie, but we could not find an available VCR anywhwere. so simon, garrett and i went for a walk. it was creepy. and as i sat down to take off my rollerskates, a car came up to us and threw a couple of water baloons. neither of them hit us, though. damn hooligans have bad aim! then we went back, and then garrett and i cruised "the strip," or "the cruise," i forget what its called already. man oh man, did i feel dirty just driving down hilltop at 11:30 PM.


otherwise, the day was rather uneventful. but i still enjoyed it.