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2001-07-05<>2:08 p.m.

i woke up this morning surprisingly early. sometime around 9. and i actually go up, too. i didnt just lay on the couch for hours until i fell asleep again. i decided today is the day. today is the day that i do laundry. so i started doing laundry and folding clothes and hanging clothes up. its great. besides clothes, i also found my notebook from school. i looked through it to see if i had any interesting doodles on any of my pages rather than just notes notes notes. i came across a couple pages that i think were pretty neat.

the first has nothing to do with school. i must have been bored, so i started drawing.

this next one is one i must have done while in the library. because... i remember drawing it in the library.

this last one is mostly notes on stephen covey and his 7 habits of stuck up people. but i like what ive done with the top of the page. oh, and on the left side... that is a wind up banana slug.