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violence! adventure! a short novel.

2001-07-04<>10:44 a.m.

yesterday i went to chico with garrett. we met at tops mini mart, becacuse that is the best place to meet, i think. his father had to bring him down from redding because his car sucks ass and wouldnt be able to make it... or at least thats what his parents like to believe. anyway, we got to take my mothers car because it is air conditioned... and i begged her. but of course, in order to get the car, we had to stop by the hospital. i think my mom scared garrett, because he started shaking and went into convulsions. its a good thing we were in the hospital, though. medical people all around! they took garrett into the emergency room on a stretcher, and since my mom works at the hospital, he got to bypass all the line waiting. so he got straight in. his convulsions stopped after a couple minutes, but they still wanted to run tests on him. so they gave him a CT scan and they took his blood and stuff. of course, i called his mother, because i am a good girl. she got all worried and came down to the hospital in red bluff. she got a speeding ticket on the way here, she said. but i dont think it mattered because her son was in the emergency room. anyway, after finding nothing wrong with him, the hospital people released him and told us to keep an eye on him so he wouldnt start biting his tongue and choking on it or something.

garretts mom, being as overprotective as she is, confronted my mom and started yelling at her. i dont know why, i think she was just looking for someone to blame. and then the wierdest thing happened... my mother turned black. she started saying things like "oh no you didnt!" and moving her neck around and something. then the greatest thing happened: bitch fight. if anyone has ever seen my mother or garretts mother, they would know that our mothers arent exactally dainty felines. this was no ordinary cat fight. this was full out lioness brawl. there was lots of hitting and punching and hair pulling. a lot of blood was spilled, but thats okay, because the hospital maintenance crew cleaned it up immediately. at first i was rather scared about what was going on, but then i just learned to enjoy it. the fight didnt last all that long, though, because there were some other people in the hopsital who decided that women shouldnt fight. so they broke them up. the cops came and everything. ha ha ha... the man who gave garretts mom her speeding ticket even showed up! both were arrested and taken to jail... in seperate cars, of course. i dont know what happened after that, because they wouldnt let me ride in the police car.

its a good thing, though, that mom gave me the keys to her car before all this happened because if she didnt, i wouldnt have been able to take her air conditioned car to chico, and garrett and i would have had to have ridden in my car. which sucks. anyway, yeah, they hauled away our mothers, and then garrett and i went to chico.

okay, the above story is a lie.

let me start over where it is not a lie.

we went to the hospital to pick up the other car, and there is where my mother met garrett. i think garrett was frightened because he didnt even want to go into her office. she was, of course, on the phone at the time with some woman named sue. mom kept rolling her eyes at sue because she talked a lot. anyway, the minute after mom got off the phone, i took the keys, begged for some money to buy my shoes with, and then we left.

shoes? what shoes? last time i went to chico with my mother, we went to in step shoe store to shop for shoes. i found some white mary janes. i had always been looking for white mary janes. hurray! the last pair that there was (the display) was my size! hurray for big feet and the fact that no other girl in the world wants size 11 white mary janes. so i wanted to purchase them, only, they couldnt find the mate. so i put a hold on them, and they would call me when they found the shoe. well, the other day, they called me back. thats when i decided to return to chico.

so yeah, garrett and i left in style, driving the ugly honeygoldweavewheat or whatever color ford explorer sport track. you know, one of those things that looks like a suv/truck. its half and half. you know? oh well, whatever. i think pretty much the whole ride down there, garrett and i argued over what to listen to. it was my "crap" versus his crap. la la la, we went to in step, got my shoes, and then left for down town.

hurray for comic books! i already have pretty much all of the comic books that i want (except for lenore #8), but garrett doesnt, so he bought a couple of pieces by jhonen vasquez. we also went to tower records. they just opened up a new and used CD/vinyl shoppe. but it sucked, and they didnt have much in it.

i like to watch garrett look for records.

i ended up not buying anything at all in chico, except for my cute shoes and a subway sandwich. yes, we went to subway. i think the woman that was working there was new, because she sucked ass at putting together my sandwich. blah. either way, it was somewhat satisfying.

garrett and i then drove around chico some more, i took him past my old house that i used to live in, and we still own, but we rent it out to people and whatnot. it makes me sad every time i drive by that house and see that its gone to complete shit. beer cans on the ground outside, the lawn is obviously not taken care of (ha ha, but then again, its not like we ever took care of it anyway) and its just ugly looking now. i wish i still lived there. yeah, garrett and i drove around. it was great, blah blah blah. then we eventually decided to come back up to red bluff.

once again, the car ride home was filled with "your music is crap" and "no way, brah! your music is crap!" it was fun. i think we get along better when we listen to the 80's station on the radio.

note to self: get my 80's mixed cd back from jennie because i let bryce hooten borrow it on the senior trip... and i dont think ive gotten it back

when we got back to red bluff, we went to the comic book store there. they had much more of a variety of the jhonen stuff. also, they had issure #1 of lenore by roman dirge. garrett is poor, though, so i bought him #1 of johnny and of lenore. i am a nice girl like that. we then went back to my house where we sat around bored. bio dome was on television. but we were still bored. before my parents started talking to me, i decided that we should go up to garretts house and hang out there. so we did.

drive drive drive. hurray for 80's radio that we can both listen to.

we got back up to his house, and after watching television for a bit, we decided to go to dennys.

so we ate dinner at dennys, i told my gross lesbian joke that i always tell when i am at dennys. do not know it? come to dennys with me! i will tell you then!

anyway, garrett owes me a nice date where we get to dress up and go somewhere nice.

after we left dennys, we decided to drive around for a bit, and then we would go star watching. only, the moon was full and the sky was kind of hazy, so that makes for not so good star gazing weather. oh well, we went anyways. we drove up 299 east for a bit, and then eventually just pulled off to the side of the road and parked the car. after turning the car off, we decided that it was freaking scary there, and so we rolled the windows up. then we turned the car off again, and looked at the sky. however, we were both very paranoid whenever a car would drive by, because we kept thinking that one of them crazy cars would be some sort of homicidal maniac who was going to pull over next to us and murder us with the hook on his hand or something. urban legends are cool... until you are in the same scenarios as the victims.

all was pretty cool until we heard sirens. what the fuck?!?! we both sat up immediately, and behind us, there was a long stream of flashing lights, i am assuming that is where the sirens were coming from, because generally, those two phenomenons belong together: sirens and flashing lights. then , all of a sudden, garrett says "holy shit! and theres a helicopter!" i was starting to think that this was an aweful lot to have for just an unidentified car sitting on the side of the highway. geeze, we werent even making out! but then i saw that as the cop cars approached, they didnt slow down when they got near where we were. it was a fucking high speed chase! a grey pinto-looking car was being chased by like 5 police cars. and there was a helicopter overhead with the spotlight. garrett got excited because they spotlight shined right next to us, and i think even into the sunroof of our car. anyway, we watched the police chase go by, then i was like "eek! lets go!" so we drove back to garretts house. (normally, this is the part where i would say "... and had sex. only, not really." but i wont, because that idea is not as far fetched as it was before. still, we didnt have sex.)

the above story was not a lie, unlike the fight story at the beginning of the entry.

i realize that this entry is super long and probably rather boring. but i dont really care because its my diary and i can write whateverthehell i want. so HA!