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2001-07-02<>11:15 a.m.

i really miss cynthia. it seems like since ive gone to visit her, we havent really talked nearly as much as we used to. its just the fact that i actually have friend sin real life now. not that i dont spend as much time on the computer as i used to, but when i talk about my new friends and whatnot, she gets lost because she has no clue what im talking about.

i want to have a cynthia week. that would be a week where she would come visit me in california. even though im pretty sure she would be miserable here... what, with the 105 degree temperatures and whatnot. not to mention the absolute boredom. i learned yesterday when neal was in california (hes from south carolina, remember) that this is totally not a hip place to be.

anyway, i miss cynthia. and once again, like ive said in past entries... there is nothing more that i would like than to see her happy.