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2001-07-02<>12:13 a.m.

grrrup! i have been at simon and alainas all weekend. hmm... let me give you the low-down on what all went on (why did i say 'you'?).

friday - friday was my fathers birthday, so we went into town and ate some food and whatnot for lunch, then i told my parents i was going to simon and alainas to spend the night. surprisingly, they let me! so yeah, went there, played video games, talked and whatnot. then we went to sleep.

saturday - see above (only, minus the "my fathers birthday and going into town for lunch" part).

sunday - more video games and more lying around. until jennie called my cell phone and said "neal is with me, lets hang out." neal is from south carolina. charleston. he is jennies friend, but i kind of know him too. anyway, we hung out, it was fun.

blah, okay, i am tired of writing in this damn thing, i will write more later.