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2001-06-29<>9:53 a.m.

i wanted to write this last night, but my damn ISP hates me. so i went to sleep instead.

curses to rebekah and her lesbian stories! i am guessing that it is her fault as to the dream i had two nights ago. i dont really remember what happened, but it took place at my house in chico, and all i remember was that jennie and i made out... a lot. gross! but i guess its not all that wierd seeing as how ive made out with cindy in my dreams before.

however, i would never ever ever make out with jennie in real life. that would just be too disgusting, not to mention she likes to make out with boys named steven.

i might, though, consider making out with cindy. because shes hot. if i were a lesbian, and she didnt already have a girlfriend, i'd do her.