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2001-06-26<>11:16 a.m.

see? i told you i would feel better today.

actually, i started feeling better last night whilst on the telephone.

also, i do apologize for the suckiness of these recent entries. i hope it gets better.

false scorpion by pavement is a fun song, i think.

so yeah, i was on the phone with garrett last night for about 3 hours. 3 seems to be the magical number of hours to be on the telephone with someone, because it tends to be the amount of time i generally spend on the phone with someone. that also could be because i am lame.

anyway, i am waiting for him to come online today so we can figure out what time im gonna go up to redding today. hurray! i get to hang out with garrett again! ummm... yeah.

yeah, wow, these recent entries suck. its all garretts fault, i think.

i want to call jennie because i have not talked to her in a long time... like... 4 days or something. i should call her, but she is probably at dance or something. maybe i will take a shower first and then call her. yes, that is what i will do.

dont even bother reading my diary anymore, as now it sucks.