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2001-06-24<>11:11 p.m.

its 11:11, make a wish (or to jennie... a sandwich).

friday - hung out with garrett a bit. then hung out with garrett and simon and alaina. watched a movie. then hung out with garrett some more. weeeee!

saturday - went to arcata with simon and alaina to see simons family. they are hardly ever all together in one place, so i guess thats why they went. i just tagged along. it was fun, they dont believe i had fun, but trust me, anything thats not sitting at home alone, playing solitaire all by myself in solitude is fun.

sunday - still at simons dads house, i had fresh fruit for breakfast which was really good. we all had pizza for lunch. i went and saw my sister, we watched a home video from many years ago... then we came home.

the end.

i dont think i will be eating pizza again for a while. it seems that every time i eat it, my stomache starts to hurt. its aching right now. not a nausea kind of ache, but a hurtey kind of ache. bah.

simons family is cool, i think. even though his father is a total womanizer and he looks like someone who might be on americas most wanted. hes cool. yeah. all the boys in simons family look soooooo much alike. and the girls, they look like simon too.

i went to my sisters place to say hello. we sat and chatted for a bit. there were bongs everywhere and i even saw some pot on a coaster on the table. woo hoo! i recognized that it was pot (had never seen it before). also, alaina had to go and open her big mouth and say something about suzy and garrett kissing. of course, my sister was like "what?!?" i just turned red and looked away... psh, alaina was not supposed to say anything because i am shy like that and i dont tell anyone in my family anything.

wow, im a moron. hurray!