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2001-06-24<>11:47 p.m.

my diet has bee utter shit lately.

i havent had much of an appetite lately, so i havent been eating much. and because i havent been eating much, i am afraid that the next time that i do eat a lot, it will stick with me. which is not good. so i do not eat much anymore.

i know this is not healthy for me. but i just start to feel sick if i eat too much, and then i start to feel gross and guilty. i am pretty sure i am not anorexic, but i am also pretty sure that my eating habits are not healthy.

150 lbs is a healthy weight for my body and i think its my bodys target weight, so i dont think will stray too far from that any time soon.

i dont have an intense fear of gaining weight or anything, though i sure know that i dont really want to weigh much more than i do now. weighing less would be nice, but im not gonna starve myself for it or anything.

blah, my tummy hurts from eating pizza and i feel gross.