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2001-06-21<>10:12 p.m.

last night, i was online and steven IMd me and we started talking. after a while, he asked me,

"can i ask you a question?"
"sure" i replied
"do you have a problem with the whole steven-jennie thing?"
"yup" i answered, short and brief.
"why?" he asked
"because every day its like a slap in the face of 'oh hey, remember that horrible day several months ago? yeah, that really sucks. oh hey, isnt that crazy that whenever you like a boy, he ends up liking either your friend or your sister? ha ha, wierd stuff, there.' (because, remember, i liked you at the time). that sounds a bit harsh, and it was not meant for you to feel bad... but thats why"
"i never understood that" he said
"understood what?"
"the part about you liking me"
"whats not to understand?"

and then he went on about how he thought i was cool... and also about the whole justin thing. steven is a lot like me in the way that we are territorial and possessive of our friends. "she was my friend first, bitch, go find your own friends!" he pretended to say to justin.

sound familiar?