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2001-06-21<>12:51 a.m.

oh shit! i forgot to mention this!!!

jennie and i went to san francisco to pick up her mother from the airport (i have been at jennies for a while becuse her mother was in taiwan). on the way down there, i saw a billboard for the california state lottery. jackpot was up to $90 million! i am lame so i got excited and called my father. he hadnt bought a ticket yet, so i told him to. then he told me that i had a phone call today. when he said that, i figured it was garrett or something, but he said "minnesota" and i screamed "JEANETTE!!!!" so yeah, jeanette called me. i was happy for that, because jeanette rocks.

(jeanette lives in minnesota, but she occasionally comes to california to visit family and friends. last summer, i met her even when i didnt really know her, and she, erica and i went on a road trip to southern california to see weezer. we had a blast.)

i figured i would just call jeanette back tomorrow when i was back at home.

blah blah blah, we picked up yu lu at the airport and then we started to come back home. my cell phone rang. it was jeanette!

"what are you doing next week?" she asked
"why? are you coming to visit?" i sounded excited.
"no, but actually, i was wondering if you wanted to come here to minnesota! my sister has an extra plane ticket cause her boyfriend couldnt go"
"really? are you serious?"
"yeah, and it would be free." she said.

so, needless to say, i was very excited. i told her that i would call my father and ask him, and then i would call her back. so yeah, called my dad, he said yeah, and i called her back. the end.

im going to minnesota to see jeanette on tuesday!

im gonna stay there for a week, and come back july 3. it should be a fun adventure!