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2001-06-19<>9:32 p.m.

this was the letter i wrote to scott last week.

dear scott,

you really hurt my feelings yesterday. i would have talked more about this on the phone with you earlier today, but i couldnt because im lame like that.

it really sucked because it seemed (to me, at least) that we were giving eachother the cold shoulder all day. i dont really think you had a problem with there being "too many people" because you seemed to get along just fine with everyone else... like kara and sam...

maybe im just being jealous.

anyway, have fun in paradise and the bay area and whatnot.

see you later... or probably not.


and this is what he finally wrote back with ( i guess it took him a week to read it).


I thought you said this E-mail wasn't important? It looks purdy important to me. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, that wasn't my intention. I am a flirt when in large groups, and the other day, I was in a really bad mood, but I didn't want to be, so in order to compensate for that I tried really hard to have fun. You were really unresponsive: at the lake you just sat and played gameboy, any time I tried to engage you in conversation(at the restaurant) you would give me one word answers, and at Ryan's you sat by yourself, instead of with me and ryan and sam. Why would you segregate yourself? I didn't get it....

Anyways, you can say that being around "too many people" didn't seem like a problem to you, but it was. I was just trying really hard to have one last good time with my friends. If makes you jealous, then I'm sorry. Anyways I'm glad you wrote me about this stuff, because I wouldn't want to leave on a sour note.

If there is anythig else you have to say, but can't say it over the phone or in person, then write me an E-mail. You seem to have a lot of feelings that you keep inside because you tell your self they are unimportant. But I don't know mabye thats just me over-analyzing.