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2001-06-12<>7:31 a.m.

i went to chico yesterday with jennie. as we were walking in to red lobster, my cell phone rang. i was like "its scott! he's called to apologzie! 'i forgive you!!!' " it was my father. he told me that we got something in the mail from housing at florida state. so my dad asked if he could open it, and i said yes. wooo! im living in landis hall! i got my roomates name and whatnot. her name is jillian. i wonder if its jill? anyway, as soon as i get packed (we leave in an hour and a half, and i have not packed yet), i am going to call her!

this is exciting.

going to florida until sunday. i will be gone, with no internet access! what i would really like would be for you to email me and fill my inbox with all sorts of lovely letters!