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2001-06-12<>7:19 a.m.

well, today i go to florida. (but only until sunday, because its just orientation).

i have decided that i like to confront people, whether its to get closure or whatever, i like to go up to people that i dont seem to be getting along with or something... and talk to them. i guess its like because its almost as if i am calling their bluff or something. when most people would just sit in silence and let it die away, i am the person to go up to them and say "hey... lets talk about this" or something. i think i actually get a kick out of doing this. sometimes it really helps, though. but then again... some people are just totally unwilling to help me out.

i called scott yesterday. i wanted to know what was up with sunday.

"what was up with yesterday?" i asked.
"uhhh... too many people"
"yeah, thats what garrett said, too"
"yeah, i was just tired of hanging out in big groups and stuff."
"okay. well, im gonna go take a shower now."
"and im gonna go get a haircut."
"okay, bye."

and that was it.

but then i started thinking. bullshit! you seemed fine around the large group of people. my god, you were hanging around almost every girl... except me. so i decided to write him an email. that went something like this:

dear scott,
you really hurt my feelings yesterday. it seemed as if we were giving eachother the cold shoulder or something. i dont think that "too many people" was really your problem, because you seemed to get along fine with everyone... especially kara and sam. but then again, that might just be jealousy speaking.

okay, so the actual letter said something different, but i think i reported the general gist of it.

so... as of now, scott is online, and he has been idle for over 10 hours. no away message, nothing. i IMd him last night, but got no response. also, i have no response to the email in my inbox.

i guess we're gonna leave this case unsolved.