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2001-06-09<>11:31 p.m.

i am at jennies house now. i am staying here for awhile while i am in town. of course, that means only about two days because i am leaving for florida on tuesday. anyway, i went to sams bbq thingy today, which was fun. i borrowed a bathing suit (as a result of my un-luck at finding one while shopping.) then i went swimming in my pants (again) and a shirt. yeah... im real outgoing. simon and alaina came over too, which was fun. simon has such a crush on sam. i have a crush on simon. oh well, thats the story of my life, eh? anyway, scott never showed up and nichole i still mad at me because i dont hang out with her (i dont hang out with anyone, dont worry. and when i do hang out with people... its because theyre the one that called me. or its because scott is moving in two days).

i was going to go to the lake tomorrow with simon and alain and ryan and scott... but now a lot of other people are coming. i am still going, though. la la la. i am not in the mood to write a diary entry.

i think tomorrow will be the last day i see scott before he leaves. la la la...

i suck

i should delete this entry and then try again later.