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2001-06-08<>3:06 p.m.

as we were standing in line before we graduated(for like a half hour), we saw steven walk by. i turned to jennie.

"dude, you gave him a ticket?" (as if she need my permission)
"youre not taking him to sober grad, are you?"
"argh!!! and i was gonna ask you earlier, too!"
"you should have!"
"why didnt you tell me he was going?"
"i forgot"
"no, really, i just didnt even think about it. not to mention i didnt even know if you were going or not"
"i bought the ticket because you told me to!"
"arrggh!! stop it! youre gonna make me cry!"
:::::::jennie proceedes to cry:::::::
"aarrrrgh!!! no jennie! ugh.. here, if it makes you feel any better, im starting to cry too"
:::::::suzy proceeds to cry:::::::

then we hug eachother.

i thought it was funny, because then kristy allen and lauren david began to cry. i dont even think they were listening to us. but it was funny. the end.

:::insert graduation here:::

after graduation, we threw our caps (ha ha, i did not throw mine, it is my sisters. i am too cheap to buy my own) and i gave jennie a hug. then i went up to my family, took some pictures with them, got hugs and whatnot. i saw steven come up towards me, and after all the crap you have to go through with your family, i went and talked to steven. he gave me a hug and said i was (i dont remember. but it was something like the coolest girl, or the funkiest... or something girl he knew) "even though you probably dont think the same about me." i just laughed and didnt reply "damn straight!"

i give him points, though, for making such an attempt to be nice to me.

and for the record, i dont hate him anymore or anything. hes a cool guy and all. i just dont want to be around him all that much (especially because he and jennie are boyfriends... gag.)

anyway, then i found my other grandparents and aunt and uncle and hugged them and got pictures. oh yeah, i also got cards with lots of money.

after most people left, steven, jennie and i agreed to go to food-4-less to hang out (yes, we live in red bluff). so we did, and we hung out there a bit, and eventually went to the bowling alley, where sober grad was held. i arrived there first, because jennie had to drive steven back to his car. so i found a nice chair and table... and i played tetris on my gameboy. woo...

they eventually showed up. i was surprised because jennie even ditched steven for a while. so i guess he and i just sat and played gameboys for a short time. eventually, jennie came back over and her and steven left to bowl (while i remained in my seat. nobody even talked to me... except for a bit of "hey, will you watch my stuff for me?"). eventually, i got sick of that shit, and i grabbed my stuff, told steven and jennie that i was leaving (this was only at 12:30 or so...), hugged them both, and then left. why did i leave when i could have won so many valuable prizes there?

1. i could have played tetris on my gameboy at home
2. there wouldnt have been loud music playing
3. there wouldnt have been hundreds of stupid seniors there whom i despise
4. i wouldnt have gotten the "arent you having any fun?" "why dont you get up and talk to people?" "stop acting like that, youre bringing me down" "fucking pity case. you just do it for attention" at home. (okay, so nobody said any of those things to me. but i didnt want them to either)

i had to call my parents and let them speak to one of the adults at sober grad in order for me to leave... i dont know why. to make sure i didnt leave and get piss drunk or something. so anyway... i went home, typed a short entry and then went to sleep.probably got to sleep around 1 or so. woo...

i woke up to the sound of the phone ringing at 5:45 am. it was my grandfather wishing to speak to my dad. of course, nobody else would answer the phone, so i did. i dont really remember what happened after that for i was quite groggy. i wasnt planning on going to my cousins graduation this morning because she did not come to mine last night, and i was very tired. but i ended up going anyway.

bidwell jr. high school has idontknowhowmany kids, but there were approximately 400+ 8th graders graduating this morning. it was warm outside, even though it was only 9 in the morning. after a long ceremony, we all went to breakfast (we including me, my sister, justin, my father, my uncle, my aunt, my two cousins and my grandparents) somewhere. then we left. i wanted to stop by the music store afterwards because i have a shitload of money in my pocket that i am just burning to spend.

so we go to harrieds music.

i was looking at bass guitars, amps and packages... but i decide its too much money to spend on a whim, and after talking to the guy working there for a while, i left emptyhanded.

we (we being my sister, justin and me) went to the comic book store (wooo!!!! fillerbunny II!!!) and eventually back to the car, where my dad was. (he went into the gas station to buy something to drink). when we got there, my father told me that i left too early at sober grad and that i won something. so i was all excited "woo! i won something!" but then again, it was probably just chico heat (baseball) tickets.

we drive back to red bluff and i stop by the highschool to pick up my diploma and my prize... whatever it is that i won.

i walked into the office, got my diploma, and then they told me to go to room 405 to pick up my sober grad prize. i dont really remember what happened next, for i was still rather groggy, but i remember hearing that i won A THOSAND DOLLARS (the grand prize at sober grad).... but i would have had to have been present to claim it. so i didnt win it.

one grand. thats a lot for a jobless loser like me.

but... i won 40 bucks anyway. so... 20 bucks for the sober grad ticket, take that from 40, and you have 20 bucks that i won altogether. not to mention i ate some of the free food there. and maybe wasted a buck or two on gas.

i won a thousand dollars. it was the only prize that you had to have been present to claim. bah. i am bitter.

soooooo bitter.

i am going to grow up being a bitter old woman who still holds grudges from back in 9th grade.