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2001-06-08<>8:48 p.m.

i saw wyatt last night. i miss how he ws nice to me. he and i were supposed to go fishing in my pond (literally, not sexually) sometime. but then he stopped talking to me. when i saw wyatt earlier in the week (tuesday, i believe), he just looked gross and disgusting, but last night, he was attractive, i thought. still, from what i hear, he is gross and disgusting.

quick update: wyatt is the boy that i had a major crush on in 9th grade. i think he liked me too or something. he wrote nice things in my yearbook that year... like "we should go fishing over the summer" and "you should come over and we can watch SNL together" and whatnot. then, after school got out, he sent me a really mean email that said stuff towards "i hate you. you are annoying. i never want to talk to you again" and whatnot. it made me really sad... and really confused. we didnt say more than 3 or 4 words to eachother the entire next year. and we had class together. and then last year, we had another class together, and we graduated to sentances, but still, they were rare. i called up up one night while i was at jennies house, because i wanted to know why he sent me that email. i just wanted closure. "oh suzy, i dont remember" he said. bah. bullshit. either way, i dont think weve said anything else to eachother this year... besides what was said in that phone conversation. i got no closure whatsoever, but at least i tried. boooooo. i miss how wyatt used to be