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2001-06-05<>10:37 p.m.

boy, oh boy... do i feel stupid. what was i thinking? ha ha ha, how could i ever be scotts girlfriend? how could i ever be anyones girlfriend. whew! glad i didnt embarass myself by asking or something.

woman scott hit: so, is she your girlfriend?
scott: uhhh... something like that

insurance agent: so this suzy girl... is she just a friend, or your girlfriend?
scott: uhh... just a friend
insurance agent: ahh... thats what they all say

scott: ha ha, the insurance agent asked me if suzy was my girlfriend
scotts mom: ha ha ha
scott: yeah, i was like... "uhhh.. shes just a friend"
scotts mom: "yeah, shes my friend, and shes a girl" ha ha ha. geeze.

boy, im glad i dont feel stupid now.