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"duff man is thrusting in the direction of the problem"

2001-06-06<>12:06 p.m.

last night, i had a nice conversation with simon. he mustve gotten my screen name from garrett. i forgot what we started talking about, but we ended up talking about how simon was a cute, horny little boy.

"maybe i should stop thrusting people. theyre getting scared" he said.
"they should feel special! getting thrusted by you!" i replied
"yeah, but some of them run away"
"thats okay, you always have alaina to thrust"
"ha ha, yeah. so... are you thrusting scott?"

i swear, that was the magical question yesterday. anyway, i told simon all of what happened, and how nobody was thrusting me, nor will they ever. we started talking about how, on the action scale, from 1 to 100, i was a negative three. and simon talked about before he met his fiance, he had kissed one girl, and that wasnt even until he was 18. (i dont get it, though! hes hot!). anyway, simon proceeded to tell me how alaina bagged him. strategy, i tell you.

i guess the key to getting boys is to act like its all a game. then you eventually take off your shirt and have sex. or something like that.

simon is a nice boy. if he didnt have a fiance, i would thrust him.

but im no homewrecker.