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a long entry about jack shit.

2001-06-04<>2:26 p.m.

alright... i came home, and i started typing this entry, but it ended up just being boring plot. so i took a shower and did a load of laundry, not it will be a bit more exciting.

yesterday morning, i was bored, so i called scott to have him entertain me. he was asleep. nevertheless, i forced him to entertain me via the telephone. sooner or later, he got a call on the other line. it was his friend kara, inviting him to the lake (thats what all the cool kids call it. its really just whiskeytown lake). so scott invited me to go. at first, i was aprehensive, because i am not too comfortable around people that i dont know, yet my friends do. (sorry if this doesnt make any sense). but since scott is moving on the 10th, i decided to go. besides, ryan might be there, and i kinda know kara. as i kinda know simon.

however, when scott said "yeah, meet at sunset market at 1" it ws 11:45. it takes 45 minutes to an hour to get up to redding, so i had to get off the phone promptly and take a shower and whatnot. so i get off the phone, hop in the shower, do a makeshift job of shaving my legs (i wasnt planning on swimming as i havent swam in 2-3 years, but i shaved my legs just incase i wanted to roll my pant legs up and wade in the water). and then i dried off, fixed my hair, and hopped in the car to leave.

after speeding up the freeway, praying that i didnt get another ticket, i find that i am the first to arrive at sunset market. so i just sat in my car, playing the gameboy i found earlier that morning. eventually, scott and ryan showed up with scooby (scooby is ryans dog) and then i saw kara. apparently, she had been there a while longer, but inside the store. either way, i got out of my car to become social. mroe and more people showed up, including simon (the cute boy from my social problems class), simons fiance (whom i had never met before), garrett (also whom i have never met before), and two other people whom i had never met before. we trucket ourselves over to the lake.

kara and scott were the first two in, i believe, and then some others went in. i did as i planned... rolled up my pants, waded in the water a bit, and then ended up jumping in. okay, so i didnt plan on jumping in, but the water seemed inviting. so i did it. seeing as how i wasnt planning on swimming, i didnt bring a towel. as that, i was cold when i got out. hurray for sopping wet clothes! we spent some time at the lake (okay, so only about an hour and a half) and then we left and went over to simons to watch movies or something. we ordered a pizza and watched a couple episodes of the simpsons on tape, but then, as we were about to watch some corny horror movie, the VCR decided to be stupid and didnt play the tape. so we did other various things.

eventually, scott had to go because he had to clean his mothers office, and so i had to go because scott had to take me back to my car over at sunset market. as i was leaving, simon invited us to stay the night. i told him that i would think about it because i live all the way in red bluff. scott took me back to my car, and as i was leaving, i him that i was going to go back to simons and that he should come over too when he was done cleaning his mothers office. so i went back to simons place.

we talked a bit, kara and jack had left (jack showed up after he got off of work. jack is karas boyfriend. though you would never know it. she seems to be all over scott a whole lot more than her own boyfriend) so it was just me, simon, his fiance, and garrett. we talked ab it, watched some tv or something, went to garretts house to pick up some movies, and then we went back to the house.

scott finally showed up, and then we watched spaceballs. scott then had to leave, and i stayed at simons for the night.

i think thats it. i have some thoughts i would like to say on the whole thing. but i decided i dont want to say them. so HA!