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"im not touching you!"

2001-06-03<>10:44 a.m.

sorry, no update yesterday. i just wasnt in the mood.

friday, i was looking around on the web, being nosey, searching google for my name and the names of others, when i came upon jennifer pearsons webpage. i found that she has been reading my diary and that the thing having to do with me and her and scott wasnt all straightened out. i could tell that i wasnt supposed to stumble upon her page. i was just going to let it go, but then i checked back at her page for an update (this was after my "oh fuck." entry.) when she said that she would be moving her page. i thought perhaps it was because i had found it. that was when i decided to confront her. we talked about it... blah blah blah, and everything is cool.

wow, that was boring.

yesterday, i went to oroville to my aunts wedding. well... not really a wedding, they just renewed their vows. i dont understand why people cry at weddings. i get all giddy. and super excited and full of energy. there is nothing you could do to tak the smile off my face. it was kind of like graduation. anyway... we stayed there longer than i had wished, and then we came home.

woooooooooooooooooo! (that was for mike)

my sister came home for this wedding, and on the way home, her and i were sitting the back of the explorer and we were acting like 7 year olds, argueing, but not really seriously. i was doing the "im not touching you" bit, and she was whining about all sorts of stuff. we were just having fun, laughing. then my mom gets pissed off... actually pulls the car over and has dad switch places with jennifer (my sister). then i had to sit by dad and jennifer got to sit in front. boooo! however, i just thought it was funny that the fact that we are 17 and 19 years old... and my parents had to pull the car over. ha ha ha.

i am bored and i think scott should call me because i am leaving on june 12 for florida.