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i havent been swimming in 2-3 years

2001-05-31<>5:50 p.m.

went shopping for bathing suit today. i hate shopping for swimwear. at one store in one brand, im an XL, and with another brand, im as S.

i seem to be getting a lot of porn mail right now.

back to the bathing suits... what i really want is something like my prom dress. red with white polkadots and really 50's looking. but i really doubt ill find anything. shopping was really tiring me out, even though i didnt buy anything.

i lied. i did buy one thing. i got a cool belt with skulls and crossbones. however, im rather embarassed that i got it at zumiez. whats more embarassing is the fact that i went in there in the first place. (hey, i was looking for swimwear!).

also, i want to learn to skateboard, i think. it might be helpful at school next year.