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2001-05-30<>12:29 a.m.

i just bit my tongue RIGHT as i was pulling in the drive. it sucked, and it was bleeding. today had just been a day full of oral injuries (but alas, no kissing).

on a totally different note... i just checked my stats, and someone found my diary by searching for "how to get laid on prom night" on i love google. also, i think the person from u-mass who used to read this doesnt read this anymore.

so yes, graduation wasnt as bad as i had feared. i feel bad for morgan because she had a horrible time. but i didnt think it was all that bad. everyone got in fine, the ticket delimmas were pretty much obsolete, so that was cool. i was about to freak out because with 4 minutes to go, my parents still werent there. it wasnt so much them missing my graduation, it was more of them coming in late and making asses of us all. but yes, they got in on time. what was good.

i am sneezing right now.

scott did good on his speech minus one small mess-up. but as far as presentation goes, he did much better than this morning at practice, not to mention he added and changed a lot of it since this morning. stephanies speech was nice. shes a very nice girl. i did fucking great! well, i dont really know, but i feel as if i did well, and i only messed up in one small tiny part where i repeated myself, but i dont think it was that bad. hurray for me!

oh yeah! there was this woman who gave a speech before scott did, i didnt know who she was, but she talked about "crabs" and "pleasure." now, she isnt a teenager, so her mind wasnt in the gutter when she wrote it, but having listened to it, almost all of us up there on stage were trying very very very hard not to laugh. unfortunately, our senses of humor got the best of us and we laughed anyway.

download lobster bucket by the aquabats. thats what the woman was talking about when she said "crabs."

i got some awards, but i found the awards to be very tedious, so that kind of sucked. but it was all good.

a group of us (me, jennie chow [she came to my graduation!!!], scott, ryan, sam, nichole, monika, sonny, katie, nick, carlo, crystal, three of scotts friends, jennifer person, jenny atkisson, and maybe some more or something...) went to denny's afterwards. that was fun.

then i drove home and bit my tongue.