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2001-05-29<>4:15 p.m.

today started stupid. i felt sick and i didnt want to go through with the whole graduation thing. i didnt even want to go to practice. but i guess then things got better... probably because i told myself to fake it, and then the fakeness kind of wore off.

i am so very unprepared for my speech.

the whole band thing sucked ass, but thats okay because it was fun nevertheless.

then jenny atkisson (different from jennie chow. i-e, y, two different jennie/y's) and steven and jennifer person and i started talking. jenny was talking about how she wants boys to like her and stuff. and steven was like "nah, it would suck to start a relationship right now" and i was like "what the fuck? then why the hell are you and jennie (chow) boyfriends?" well, i didnt say that, but i thought it. i just thought that was kind of stupid and fucked up of him. in fact, he said a lot of things that i shouldnt have heard regarding relationships. that was stupid.

i went to my highschool today to pick up my yearbook. i kept seeing kids there that i thought were college connection kids. "hey! theres sonny!!.... only, sonny doesnt go to this school, so it must not be him." then i gave little kimmy smith a ride home. she shaved her mowhawk off and now just has a chelsea cut. shes cute.

i must write thank you cards now. goodbye!