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2001-05-24<>12:14 a.m.

okay, so this is officially great. i get to play the bass part in the tetris song at the picnic next tuesday. honestly, i would rather just take over for steven completely and learn all the other songs, but i wont.

okay, heres the story.

i went to ryans after my finals today to study for my sociology final. neither of us were in the study mood, so we went into his studio and started playing around. i was on bass (of course, thats all i can play) and ryan was on guitar. it was really fun and exciting just to know that i was making music. hurray! well, actually, i was just fiddling around with basslines and ryan was the one with the talent. eventually, sam came over and we kind of started studying. then ryan and i got distracted by the instruments again.

scott called ryan while i was on the computer looking for the MP3 of only in dreams by weezer, to see if we were getting the timing of the chorus right. i ended up talking to scott on the phone and i told him to come over. he did, but he and ryan and i did not play music together because scott had to leave again. so ryan and i played the tetris song for hours on end and it was great fun. i get to play in front of people! i am going to be a rock rockstar! (not just the regular rockstar that i am).

i am excited and very happy.

i just got off the phone with scott. while at ryans, he was playing the drums and i was watching. eventually, i told him that i had to leave. while on the phone, he asked me what was up with that. i finally admitted that i have a huge thing for boys who play drums. and it was just too much for me so i had to leave because i couldnt take it anymore. dear god, boys on drums (especially boys that i have had an existing crush on) are terrible!

i think it might be hazardous to my health. scott broke rule #2.