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funny, funny boy. justin is lame

2001-05-16<>12:02 a.m.

Insanely Hip: so yes, i am going to florida state

Jackthesis: What is your major

Jackthesis: sucking

Jackthesis: don't say film

Insanely Hip: okay then...

Jackthesis: are you serious?

Insanely Hip: as of now, it is still film, they are putting me in the classes for it, but i have not been accepted into the actual program. but freshmen dont do anything anyway.

Insanely Hip: i honestly do not think i can get into the program anyway

Insanely Hip: so it will most likely end up being meterology

Jackthesis: have you ever directed

Jackthesis: Film is my life

Insanely Hip: ha ha ha.. yes, yes.

Jackthesis: and I'm not going to a prestigious school

Insanely Hip: but you dont really seem to be doing anything to go after that

Jackthesis: It's a hard industry

Insanely Hip: no shit

Jackthesis: yeah I am

Insanely Hip: which is why i will probably end up doing meterology

Jackthesis: I'm transfering to NYU in 2 Years

Insanely Hip: uh huh

Jackthesis: yep

Jackthesis: trying

Jackthesis: I have been studying film since i was 12

Insanely Hip: thats nice

Insanely Hip: i decided that watching movies is not for me...

Jackthesis: why film??

Insanely Hip: it intrigues me.

Insanely Hip: i know.. i dont deserve it one bit

Jackthesis: have you ever directed, produced, or written a screenplay

Insanely Hip: but a lot of people dont deserve a lot of things.

Jackthesis: I don't know. I give you a month at FSU before you change your major

Insanely Hip: learning.. that is the basis of school, right? to learn?

Jackthesis: You kinda need to know what your doing and how the other parts work, it is a series of checks and balances

Insanely Hip: yes, i know. at FSU, you study all of them

Jackthesis: to direct you need to know how to edit

Jackthesis: to write, you need to know how to direct

Insanely Hip: mm hmmm

Jackthesis: One hand washes the other

Insanely Hip: okay justin, i already realized how much i do not deserve to do this in the eyes of other people. and im sorry you feel this way. i totally understand what youre saying

Insanely Hip: but still.. its a learning experience that i would like to try

Jackthesis: movies have been utter shit, due to textbook mistakes directing, editing, and writing

Jackthesis: All I'm saying is know a little before taking the class

Insanely Hip: i know a little.

Jackthesis: I think it's a mistake but I'm not you

Insanely Hip: i dont know.. i go about things differently than you and steven.

Insanely Hip: why is it a mistake? a waste of my time? my money? its not my money, justin, its the schools.

Jackthesis: FSU is one of the most prestigious film school, That's like going to MIT to learn math

Insanely Hip: RIT also offered me a scholarship

Insanely Hip: he he

Jackthesis: regaurdless it is a a waste of time, and it is crazy

Insanely Hip: but yes, justin, i understand what youre saying. i am a stupid, ignorant fool who doesnt know anything. but tell me, what have i got better to do with my life?

Jackthesis: there are certain things you can't learn in a course

Insanely Hip: like politeness, obviously

Jackthesis: well what are you good at?

Jackthesis: what interests you

Insanely Hip: myself.

Insanely Hip: HA!

Jackthesis: Ok I gotta go I have alot to do tonite

Jackthesis: think about it

to be continued on funny, funny boy. justin is lame PART 2