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2001-05-13<>9:20 a.m.

the first half of this weekend was horrible.

friday: scott and i were supposed to go see a play, but then he finds out that its not running this weekend and that its been postponed until next weekend. so i ask him if he wants to do something else, but he declines because he wants to play video games with ryan. so then i go home. morgan inspired me to buy a vibrator, so i go on ebay and bid on one. its a dutch auction, so i am sure i will get one. i call jennie up because im so fucking bored/lonely/stupid and she informs me that for the senior trip, i get to room with cristin and jackie. cristin is this ass-annoying girl whom bugs the fuck out of me, and jackie is a special spartan. yes, i get to room with a retard. i do not wish to go on this stupid trip anymore. then scott comes online, and he says "whats up?" or something, and so i tell him that "i am so fucking bored/lonely/stupid" and he said something like "oh, im sorry. im gonna go play diablo II with sonny, ryan and jenn." and then he put up his away message. yay for me.... (note the sarcasm). but what was next wasnt to bad. after about 30 seconds of being away, he comes back and tells me not to be bored/lonely/stupid and he tells me to call him later on, or that he would call me later on. and then he put up his away message again. i thought that was kind of nice. but whatever. then i went to sleep. i guess after being asleep for a while, my cell phone starts ringing. i was asleep on the couch and my cell phone was in my bag in my room. so needless to say, i didnt get to it in time. i figured it might be scott, but i couldnt tell for sure, and i figured that if he didnt call me back, it wasnt really that important. so i went back to sleep.

saturday: i thought i had slept off amost of my anger, until my dad said something about me being grumpy. i wasnt grumpy... until then. so yeah, now i was in a bad mood because my dad called me grumpy when i wasnt. sunday is mothers' day, and every mothers' day, my mother has this stupid brunch thingy for her friends. but she always freaks out at us because the house isnt clean. i like how she waits until the last minute to bitch about how the house isnt clean. scott comes online, and then we talk a bit. i asked if he wanted to do something that night, but he didnt because he had to write a paper. OOOH!!! ditched twice! so yeah, i needed to get out of the house because it already wasnt a good weekend. my sister calls and begs me to come to arcata to visit her. i was like "i would, but i dont want to drive four hours just to drive back the next day." we talk for a while, we talk about how i should get my tongue pierced, and how she should get her lip pierced. but i dont think we will. eventually, she gets on the phone with justin, and i go back to the computer. then justin says to me "lets go to arcata" so i say "okay." and were off.

funny side note: okay, so i was checking my vibrator auction on ebay, and theres a picture of a vibrator on my computer screen, when all of a sudden i hear "you are still in your pajamas" coming from behind me. AHHH!!! it was my grandma! she came over and i didnt even see her drive up! i quickly minimized the window and i gave her a hug. it was funny, i dont think she saw the vibrator, though.

later saturday: justin and i drive to arcata. when we get here, my sister and justin and i go to the beach and pick up sand dollars. i am rich in sand dollars. then we go to the mall and walk around, then we leave, rent some movies, then we get chinese food, then we come home. and we ate chinese food and watched stupid movies. that was fun (no, it was stupid). then i went to sleep. justin woke up in the middle of the night because he couldnt sleep. he kind of kept me up too, because he kept going outside, and i was sleeping on the couch, which has a direct view of the door.

sunday: i woke up, took a shower, ate breakfast, came online. jennifer's fish is going to eat the other one, i swear. (jennifer is my sister, just to let you know). scott came online shortly, and he was being a bitch. thats all. now i am typing. oh yeah, scott came back, i am talking to him now. bitch.