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pea souppe

2001-05-11<>10:52 a.m.

i was at the mall, and i had been having a horrible day. i went to the sandwich shop and some crazy canadian girl was being bitchy to me, and it just added on to my horrible day, so i left the damn shop and into the main part of the mall. i started kinf of freaking out because it was just too much for me, but then a nice boy came over. he came from the software store (which is where he worked) and asked me what was wrong. i told him, and he was nice and comforted me. i put my hand on his shoulder, and he put his on mine. we talked a bit more, i was still frazzled from earlier today, but we ended up hugging eachother, which was extremely nice. eventually, i had to go, we must have been just standing there holding eachother for like ten minutes. i walked him back to the software store and i started to leave. but then i stopped, thought for a second and went back to him.

"do you have a name?" i asked.
"yeah... pea souppe"
"what?" i asked in surprise.

his boss then came over

"yeah, his name is pea souppe"
"really?" i was still stunned by this bizarre name.
"yeah, look" he said as he pulled out his old highschool ID cards.

on his junior and senior year cards, it said "pea souppe", but his sophomore card said ______ gonzales (i do not remember his first name.) despite the insane similarity in our last names (mine being gonzales, his being gonzales), we are not related, thank god. so eventually, i left, thinking pea souppe... how odd. i will find this boy again, i know it.

this is where you come in, reader. the previous was a dream, but it was so insanely real, that i must believe there is a boy out there named pea souppe (yes, pronounced pea soup) that is waiting for me. if you or anyone you know knows someone by that name, i would really really really appreciate it if someone would tell me. i am going to find this pea souppe boy, and we will have lots and lots of sex. only, not really. but i do believe we will have a great time together.

help me find him!