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2001-05-06<>10:32 a.m.

i drove to chico yesterday to meet with lisa because save ferris was playing a free show at the chico state campus. it was just a lovely reminder of why i dont like them anymore.

moniuqe - was very gwen steffani-ish, complete with the long gaudy fingernails, horrible looking bleached hair (it looked deader than mine), clothes (including a thong) that were too tight for her, and dumb looking aviator glasses (i doubt she can even fly a plane, nevertheless recieve her pilots license. also, i did not enjoy her personality one bit. ugh.

brian - has long hair. and its bad looking. however, he was nice. he also wore dumb looking aviator glasses, but thats okay, because he just borrowed them from someone because he needed sunglasses.

bill - oh bill, oh bill. i am not attracted to him at all anymore. wheres the hat? wheres the short hair? bill was also nice. kind of, not too talkative. at least brian came and sat by me on the grass.

eric - the 4th original member left. i would have to say, though, that if i was forced on having a crush on any of the members of the band, it would be eric. however, he--along with everyone else in the band--was totally promoting drinking and getting drunk on cinco de mayo.

i dont know the rest of the band member's names, because theyre all new since i saw them last (which was like 3 years ago). i would have to say that the thing i didnt like most was how they were drunk while performing and promoting drinking to the crowd, a lot of which was under 21.

hey, its cool if you drink, i dont mind, as long as you are of a legal age and are responsible about it.

brian is getting married, and i am happy for him. we discussed that on the grass. their music (the new stuff) is hardly danceable anymore. thats another thing i didnt like. but i did manage to dance around to the old stuff. thats about it... well, as far as the save ferris part of this entry goes.

lisa and i came back to red bluff and met jennie at todai for sushi. we spent a while there, i thought it was longer than it actually was because it got dark while we were there. we laughed a lot, and i ate a small spoonfull of wasabi thinking it was green tea ice cream. (its a long story. well... not really. i just grabbed some wasabi in my spoon and offered it to jennie saying it was some of her ice cream. she freaked out because she knew my plan and covered her icecream because she thought i was gonna drop it in. i laughed and said i wouldnt drop it in and jokingly shaked my spoon over her ice cream bowl. it dropped in. so i used another spoon to dig it out. and then, in case there was any wasabi left in there, i used yet another spooon to scrape the rest out. but after i scooped, i doubted that there was any there, so i stuck the damn spoon in my mouth and ate it. oh yeah, there was still wasabi in there.) la la la, then we left. and... yeah. then lisa and i came home.

lisa is still asleep, by the way. shes on the couch yelling in her sleep. this time, i think its something like "oh my god, that sucks" or something.

i went online last night when i was home, and scott was on. so we talked a bit. then he called me, and we talked on the phone some more. that was fun. weeeeeeee.

my diary sucks.