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2001-05-03<>9:44 p.m.

my speech class has to be the class that i am most uncomfortable in. there is this man, harry, who is in his late 40's-mid 50's who, i swear, hits on me. he is east indian and overweight and he talks too fast and in a thick accent, so i dont understand him. anyway, he always make odd comments to me (half of which i cannot understand) and makes noises. today, he asked me how old i was.

"uhh... september"
"hmmm.. okay"

and then he just kind of shook his head and turned around. just that conversation in itself was frightening, i thought. but nooooooooooo.... he gave a speech tonight. his speech was about how customs were different in india. he talked about sex. and all that crazy karma sutra stuff. i was uncomfortable.

why is it when a boy (man) likes me, he is a 45-55 year old overweight east indian?