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2001-04-30<>8:59 p.m.

"chris, do you ever use those picks they give you in doritos bags? i love those things. i got a sebadoh pick in my doritos bag! and i dotn even play guitar! and i loved it. it was kinda shaped like a dorito. that was the crazy thing about it. well! i guess thats over, huh? triangular, ya know? weeeeeee! dime beer night, plus 50%"

oh man, thats funny. ha ha. okay, so only i think its funny. thats something the guys say at the end of "i gotta go" by johnny socko. its cute.

anyway, i am so bored, so i am writing down everything i listen to. a list, if you will.

man, oh man, im lame.

phantom planet - asteroid g
harry chapin - cats in the cradle
soul coughing - circles
fountians of wayne - leave the biker
the impossibles - enter/return
depeche mode - enjoy the silence
cure - lullaby
pixies - manta ray
johnny socko - rousing theme music
deathray - legionaires in doubt
operation ivy - bankshot
santana featuring rob thomas - smooth (weeeeeeee!)
belle and sebastian - the boy with the arab strap
james - laid
deathray - scott
the pixies - the happening
the cure - burn
blur - M.O.R.
belle and sebastian - mayfly
kara's flowers - the never saga
pavement - no more kings
the smiths - i know its over
belle and sebastian - i fought in a war
cure - world war
patsy cline - walkin' after midnight
no doubt - new (yeah, go ahead. laugh at me. but i like this ONE song)
kara's flowers - if you only knew
the cars - just what i needed
the impossibles - never say goodbye
fountians of wayne - denise
that dog - zodiac
that dog - grunge couple
the smiths - a rush and a push and the land is ours
that dog - just like me (winamp seems to be liking that dog right now)
that dog - did you ever (totally! it loves that dog)
ozma - lorraine
deathray - only lies
phantom planet - is this really happening to me
blur - chinese bombs
denver the last dinosaur theme song
the cure - closedown
james taylor - mexico
phantom planet - dont get down
the pixies - the navajo know
blur - trimm trab
reel big fish - kiss me deadly
superdrag - sucked out
belle and sebastian - the wrong girl
the pixies - allison
phantom planet - the local black and red
mates of state - i have space

so yeah, that is it. that is a nice sample of my winamp playlist. i have hundreds more songs, but these are just the ones i listened to today (winamp was on shuffle). keep in mind that i skipped a lot that i did not wish to listen to.