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crazy suzy strikes again

2001-04-30<>3:50 p.m.

so now scott has AIM. thats fun. except for when we get booted. thats no fun.

today, i would have to say, was the closest we got to any kind of public display of affection. well, not really. we just both sat together in a big comfey chair. why does comfey look so horridly spelled wrong?

also, i feel the need to apologize for last night. (why the hell should i apologize? i dont know). i was feeling very hurt, and i had to vent about it. i guess i did so by writing in here. that is what my diary is for, right? also, two of those entries only apply to one specific person. if you think its you, its probably not. it only pertains to one of you and you know damn well who it is.

scott was online last night and i kind of started to tell him about it, but then we both got booted off, and then he called me. we ended up staying on the phone until 11:30, which was nice, i think, because we got a lot of stuff straightned out and it was just kind of overall comforting. i liked that.

however, i wish i had gone to sleep earlier because i was (watch this, jennie!) uber tired today. i didnt get much sleep saturday (prom night) nor did i sunday (because i went to sleep so late and i wake up so early). so all in all, i got about 9.5 hours of sleep for the last two days. that is not bad, sure, for some people. but i generally like at least that much a night.

scott is online now. i am talking to him. he should want to hold my hand again tomorrow. it would be fun.