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last night was prom

2001-04-29<>11:34 a.m.

i must make this update quite short, because we are having a lot of company over in a few hours, and my mother is a raging bitch.

we went to todai for dinner and had sushi. then we drove around for a while, went up to redding and stopped by TCBY so scott could say hi to his ex-co workers. then we stopped by applebees and said hi to morgan, because she was having a horrible night. then we came back to red bluff, drove around some more, and finally went to the prom. watched coronation, jennie lost for prom queen. thats okay, shes still chinkee in my eyes. then scott and i made fun of her for that, and then jennie and i got pictures taken. then scott and i left. we went to denny's and played football on the table. drank milkshakes. left and drove around some more.

we drove around surrey village up ont he roads that are in the middle of nowhere and there arent houses built yet. we eventually parked and just sat for a while. we looked at the stars, though thats kind of odd when youre listening to the aquabats.

we held hands.

a lot.

then we eventually came home. he spent the night because he didnt want to drive back to redding. we both slept on the couch (its large) and held hands some more until we fell asleep. it was nice.

yeah, i had fun.