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2001-04-28<>9:33 a.m.

jennifer pearson and i are totally in synch with our menstral cycles. we started on the same day this month, as we did last month. how exciting!

okay, i promise i will stop talking about vaginal bleeding now.

on a totally different note, prom is today! i am excited about it. i still need to fix my hair by dying it again...
it will be like this, its just faded a bit right now. (oh, and i wont wear lipstick). and i gotta clean my room and take my moms car into town and wash it (its a ford explorer sport trac. theres no way in hell were taking my piece of shit car:
enough said. my car is so fucking ugly. however, its tragically cool. just not something i want to take to prom)

one more picture! this is what my dress looks like:

thats all for now. i will have a complete update of prom when i get home or something. probably not, but i just say i will. wooo!

P.S. sign my guestbook to tell me how cute i am and how much of a whore i look like with lipstick on.

P.S.S. jennie and i went shopping in chico last night. i sang pavement's "wanna fuck around" while we were in payless shoe source. it was fun. okay, so, i only sang the chorus, because thats all i know!