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2001-04-22<>1:13 p.m.

yesterday started out good, then i got mad, and then i kind of evened out, i guess. i was feeling really wierd yesterday, so i guess thats part of it too.

i called scott around 1:30, but he seemed to be busy "chatting" with someone online. i was kind of irked so i said somethig like

"im sorry, i seem to be interrupting something, ill just call back later"
"yeah, jennifer and sonny and ryan are at my house. how about i'll call you later"
"alright, bye"

and then i was in a bad mood. several hours later, he calls back and asks me

"do you wanna do something tonight?"
"you need to come to red bluff"
"yeah, i do."

so we made plans for him to come over... after he did some yardwork at his house.

he calls again around 6:45 and says he's leaving so i gave him directions to my house (perfect directions, i may add). an hour later (he should have been here) he calls and says he cant find highway 36, so he's driving around mainstreet. (this will confuse anyone who does not live in red bluff. so anyone but jennie chow) i tell him how to get to fucking highway 36, and then we hang up. then a half hour later, he calls and says he cannot find the turn onto my road. so we agree to meet at the dibble creek store. there, i got get him, and he follows me home.

i dont know why, but it didnt even occour to use the "look, mom, at what followed me home. can i keep it?" line like i was planning on using with michael. oh well.

so scott came over and we sat on the doors of his car (out the windows) and talked for a while. then we came inside and had hot chocolate, and then we had sex. all is true except for the sex part.

but i did get some action out of it! yeah, he gave me a hug at the end of the night. umm... wooo!?

now you see why only 3 other people have been to my house in the last 4 years.