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2001-04-13<>10:02 a.m.

yesterday was cute.

well, it actually started on wednesday night. i was asleep, and around 10:50, my cell phone rings. "gah! its late at night and my cell phone is ringing!" i was really hoping it was michael, because he is the only one who calls late at night and on my cell phone (well, at least he used to, he doesnt anymore). so yeah, it was scott.

"what are you doing?"
"oh. why?"
"because its nighttime!"

but we ended up staying on the phone until 1 or so (at least thats what he said. it was dark in my room and i had no way of looking at my watch. no clock, either.) so yar, that was fun, scott called me for no reason and we talked a bit.

thursday morning! dun dun dun!!!

thursday morning, i am supposed to be getting ready to spend some "special time" with my mother. let me give some background information. i have NO relationship with my family, basically. i mean, we are a perfectly normal nuclear family; mom, dad, me, and my sister. only, my sister moved out for school last year, but that happens, right? so yeah, i spend all of my time at the computer and i dont spend hardly any time with my parents. i guess i am supposed to be spending time with my mother, doing mother daughter things, talking about periods and boyfriends. i dont do that. i hate it when my mother tries to hug me. my dad, for that matter, too. i just plain dont have a relationship with my parents, thats all. i feel kind of bad.

so yeah, we were gonna have a "special day" with just me and my mom. i wanted to go to san francisco and go to the exploratorium. so i was getting all ready for that trip, but then the phone rings. its jennie! jennie is leaving for taiwan and she just called me to say goodbye. she said she was leaving out of san francisco. "DING!" why not surprise her at the airport before she leaves! hurray! but we better hurry because her plane leaves at 2:20, and it was almost 10:00. (it takes about three and a half to four hours to get to the san francisco airport). my dad wanted to come along, because he likes the exploratorium. "ill help with the driving" he says. ha! he didnt drive at all.

drive drive drive.

its 1:30 and i am walking up to the moniters at the airport that say what flights are leaving from what gate and at what time. oh yeah, and their status.

flight 845, direct to taipai, schedualed for 2:20. delayed. departure at 4:45.

hurray! delayed! i wont miss them! only, it doesnt say what gate theyre at, so i walk around the airport looking for jennie and her mom. its so difficult looking for asians! especially when there are lots of other asians in the place. they all look alike! i eventually whip out my phone and call jennie. she JUST arrived at the airport and they are attempting to check their baggage (i was already at the gates). so i hang up on her, and i sneak up on her... then i eat her! actually, i just ran up behind her and gave her a hug. hurray!

i was excited that jennie was happy that i was glad that jennie was surpised to see me there!

so we essentially hung out at the airport until 4, when she started to board the plane. it was great fun. so much for spending lots of time with my mother. he he he. yes yes, jennie and i romped around the airport acting like complete idiots because we are losers and we have nothing better to do. elaine, jennies little sister, is annoying. yes.

then i left, and there was no time to go to the exploratorium, so said "lets drive across the golden gate bridge" and we did so. and then we stopped in some little town in marin county (super $$$$) and had dinner at some sushi place. it was horrible service. and very expensive. then we had frozen yogert. i didnt eat much. then we came home. (this last paragraph sucks, hurray!)

my mom got all pissy in the car because i like to listen to music, not just have it as background noise, so it was up somewhat loud. i wanted to listen to the pixies, and so i put in surfer rosa, but when track 3 came on (its kind of a loud track... kinda noisey), my mom got all pissed off and turned the stereo off. she was irritable. oh well. that was my day.

then i woke up this morning and masturbated.