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i got shot

2001-04-11<>7:37 p.m.

i acted like a 6 year old.

i got two shots today, neither was the immunization i needed. because the MMR shot could cause severe arthritis, i didnt get it, but instead, i got hep a and memengitis. shots hurt.

i went job hunting.

no, i am not trying to be like kristyn and reina when i say that i want to work at a beauty supply store. i just figure that if i had a job at a beauty supply store, i could get wonderful discounts on stuff like hairdye and gel.

this entry sucks.

while job hunting, i happened to pass by TCBY, and scotts car was there. he said he wasnt working wednesday, but he was! so i went in to say hi. he said my haircut looks nice. (he was supposed to make out with me, instead, but i guess a compliment will do). i was only there for a minute or two, and then i left. i stopped by sams work, and i ende dup staying there for three hours. then i came home. thats all.

dutch crunch bread isnt as crunchy the third day.