when you leave:
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before all after

i want buff arms like rebekah


i hate tripod with a passion. they have deleted yet another of my accounts. so now, i have no graphics for my diary. i could just load them up somewhere else, but i dont know if i will. whatever will happen will happen.

saw weezer and ozma last night. the get up kids played too, but i was too busy daydreaming about how the band would say into the microphone "oh yeah would suzy gonzales please go over to the backstage area.. blah blah blah" and then michael would be there. for some odd reason, i was dissapointed when that never happened.

its like being dissapointed when you dont win the lottery.

weezer was good, they played my and jennies song... "the good life." (perhaps i will write the story of how jennie and i came to be friends, someone remind me). ozma was fun. jeanette was fun. i had fun. lisa was being... lisa.