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i dont remember what my last entry was about, so i will have to go check...

... okay, im back. wow, last entry was a week ago today (i think). anyway. yeah.

scott and i went on a picnic (kind of) on sunday. that was nice, however, when i got to his house, he wasnt even awake. but yeah, we had a good time. i am starting to wish, however, that he would be more... i dont know the word. like, how i am. i want to hang out with him a lot. i wish he was like that. does that make sense? oh well. like, we hang out, and thats about it. we like eachother, but nothing ever comes of it. blah.

ummm... ryan broke up with sam. but he says he misses her. i think thats cute. yeah, thats all for that.

scott should want to hug me or kiss me.