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but i brought my comic books for you


as of now, i am at school.

nichole just made me feel really bad. i was talking to her about scott, and she pretty much reassured me that scott doesnt like me. by the way, this is my fucking diary, so do not laugh at me for what i write in here. anyway, nichole made me feel bad.

"i mean, in my opinion, scott is just totally leading me on." i said
"because he took a friend out to dinner on valentines day?" she replied, making me feel like a dumb ass
"because he cuddles with me while we watch movies"
"because he wants you to feel good? because hes just being nice to you?" thanks nichole.

so basically, she is just reassuring me that scott takes pity on me, and he is just being nice. this makes me feel like shit. ill get over it, though. yeah, ill get over it someday.