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guess whose pants i am wearing!


last night i went and saw charles turner speak at my school. it was all a part of black history month at shasta college. the man spoke of how rediculous the criminal justice system is. the whole thing was really neat and i am very glad i went.

okay, now i get to be girly!!! yesterday, i went to school in disguise; however, eveyone knew it was me. but i still introduced myself as "lucy" instead of "suzy." i wore a long blue wig, large sunglasses, my white tennis skirt with the checkered hemline, red and white vans (which i havent worn in a long long time), black tights and my red jeffries fan club shirt. yeah, i was fucking sexy. i had to stick around in redding until 7 for the speaker, so i hung out with scott after school. we dyed his hair... twice. the second time it worked, and i think thats only because we used girly hairdye. tee hee, now our hair matches, because i made him get the hairdye that i use. anyway, i think it looks good.

so then scott and i went to see mr. turner at the college. (i was unaware that scott was even going until i asked him to hang out with me after school.) and after the speech, a bunch of us went to denny's for dinner. "us" being me, scott, jenny atkisson, sam, nick chandler and jeremy... something. jeremy something. i dont know his last name. i bought scotts dinner, to repay him fro valentines day. he said he would pay me back, and i said he shouldnt. then he said he would again. i told him that no, he wouldnt. he he, if he does, i am going to make him take me out again. wooo! this dating stuff is great! we hung out outside of denny's (we being me, scott and sam) for a bit after dinner. it was fun. i like scott.

too bad he is just leading me on.