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so yesterday and the day before were nice. i just hope that i dont have a tremendously bad day coming up.

friday, i went to redding and visited sam at work, then i got bored and went and visisted nichole at work. she dressed me up all pretty because she works at "trendz" at the mall. (the "z" makes it extra cool). she picked out a pretty formal dress, shoes, and jewelry for me to put on. so when i came out and showed her, i happened to see someone i knew from highschool walking by. i was like "oh shit, its jennifer martinez. she is stupid". and then all of a sudden, jennie chow and brandon coustette (big surprise there)came running up to me. in the words of so many teenage tales of terror from teen magazine "i was mortified."

so they all saw me, cleavage and all.

i ended up staying at "trendz" until nichole closed, then we all went to jenny atkisson's house. it was fun, sam tried out a new feminine hygiene product called "instead." that was our adventures for the night. then the next morning, i went with sam to work, but then i was insanely bored, so i went to her boyfriends house. ryan and i watched a movie, but fell asleep kind of. and then we went and visited sam at work. so then the three of us went back to ryans house and we ate dinner, drove out to TCBY and said hi to scott, and then went back to ryans house.

ryans bed is too small.

his bed consists of two twin mattresses piled one on top of the other. i convinced him to put them side by side and make a big bed. so we did. then we started the movie. about 20 minutes into it, scott finally came over and we all watched it together.

i got to cuddle with scott... kind of.

i was happy.

then we went home, because sams parents make her be home by 1:00. i almost ran into scott on the way home. literally. i was being a really really horrible driver. no wonder i have to go back to traffic school. luckily, i didnt hit anything. we were home at 1:30.

its been a good two days.