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just a quick note to say that i am really enjoying this guestbook thing, i dont know why i didnt put one up before. it is just really pleasing to see that a complete stranger would stop by and say hi. i am fascinated by this. thanks everyone! you really boost my self esteem. dont worry, though, when i get famous, i wont forget you... much.

i lied. this entry will have more than just that short paragraph up there...




that was a long break, due to the phone ringing... it was scott! yay! anyway, i was gonna say what all went on today.

sam and i hung out after school, and we went to the mall to see if nichole was working at "trendz" (note the "z", its extra cool). that store bothers me. oh well. so we go back to the car, and it turns out that sams keys are still inside the ignition. the doors are locked.
:::ring ring:::
"ryan? yeah, i locked my keys in my car, could you come get us?"
sam called her boyfriend.

so ryan gets here, he looks forlorn or something.

"im out of gas" he says.

so now theres three of us, two cars, stranded at the parking lot in front of JCPennys. how embarassing. now its my turn to use the phone.
:::ring ring:::
"hey scott? were stranded at the mall, sams keys are in her car and ryans out of gas. could you come rescue us? thanks"

so finally, a lot of stuff happens, and we get rescued, we put gas in ryans car, and then scott and i drive around, its getting time for me to get going, cause i have class in red bluff (this makes no sense whatsoever to anyone reading this, except maybe sam, but thats okay, because this is my diary and that means that it doesnt have to be understandable for anyone else but me.) so scott drops me off at my car, and then i race to red bluff because i was late. 10 minute late. but thats okay, because mrs. hickson is cool. so then, i get out of class and go home. then, while at home, my cell phone rings.

"suzy sahn?"
"what up, yo? you like how i answer the phone with a type of meat?"
"ha ha, yeah, what the hell is keilbasa, anyway?"

so scott and i talked a bit, which is cool because he was playing video games, and you know boys, boys like their video games. that must mean i am hip because he wants to talk to me while he is playing his video games. i sound like an old woman. "those kids and their crazy video games"

so yeah, theres more to the day, but im afraid that if i were to go on, it wouldnt amuse anyone except maybe boy crazy girlies in 4th grade. so... this is the end.