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fall into fashion, and fall out again. we'll stick together cause it never ends.


oh yeah, i forgot to mention that yesterday i got a new pamphlet. i got it from raleys when scott and i went to get cake mix. the pamphlet is about oven thermometers. there is a little thermometer guy on the front:

Thermy says: "its safe to bite when the temperature's right"

it was cute. thats all. i like pamplets, i like how the depression ones have suns on them always.

oh, and on my bible reading experiences... its getting really boring. i think ill read through it some more tomorrow in the library.

one more thing, i promise this is the last. morgana (dont mind her, shes just a psychiatric ward poster child) likes my diary. she seems neat.

guess the lyrics of the "short description of this entry" and you win a prize. well, probably not, but you should email me anyway.