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i wish today was valentines day and i had a boyfriend.

i looked so insanely cute today! (if you go saw me today and thought otherwise, keep it quiet. i will believe what i want to believe). i wore my new skirt from ross that was 5.49, it is black and grey and pink plaid. and i wore a pink shirt with a black longsleeve under it. and offwhite cable-knit tights and an offwhite sweater with a black fur trimmed hoodie. oh, and my black boots. so yes, i looked very cute. it is important for you to know this before you read the rest of the entry, or else it will not make sense.

i talked to sam today, she made some very very good points:
i am afraid of rejection
i am affraid of acceptance.

i do believe she is right, even though i denied it when she told me. okay, thats about it for now, i just thought that that was somewhat of a breakthrough for me or something. yeah.

oh, and the outfit thing really had nothing to do with anything, but i still looked cute!