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im back from maine. well, im in florida right now, but i have--at one time--returned from maine. how was it? it was great! cynthia is totally cool. however, i felt terribly bad because she was always thinking that i wasnt having fun or something. i wish she would have stopped worrying about how i was doing. we went rollerskating. which sucked because cynthia was not having fun. umm... i went to school with her, met dave, sam, gina, other people. that was cool, but it sucked. boy, i am full of contradictions. i met dave, which, to me, was awkward. it was very very similar to meeting gabe. kind of a "hi" "hi" ... "umm.... heres your gift! okay, bye" and thats it. yeah, didnt get to meet sam or gina until the second day. i wish i would have talked to them more. i am such a loser. sorry folks!

i must say, though, i did not enjoy the smoke at cynthias house. i was not ready for it. also, i am frightened of her mother. yes, suzy is a gigantic wuss. weeeeee! okay, i could have made this entry more exciting, but i didnt, because i am lame. yay, that was fun, wasnt it?

one final note. cynthia is super cool!